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MALAYCHAN offers a Halal-food.
The food of MALAYCHAN is Halal-food (Meal of the Halal) which you can eat in peace towards (Islam). "MALAYCHAN 1" began business as a Malaysian Halal-food restaurant, and 20 years passed. In late years the opportunities when a Muslim (Islam) comes to Japan increase. However, in Japan, it is the present conditions that there are few shops which can provide a Halal-food.

MALAYCHAN offers a Halal-food.

I offer the dish of contents to a budget. A lunch and the catering have a condition by an area and a number of sending it, but, please refer willingly. The dish goes to the meeting place for the catering other than a visit. In addition, the preparation with the lunch is possible, too. MALAYCHAN prepares for the meal that a Muslim coming to Japan can feel relieved. Specifically, please contact us. Owner Shoko Fukuzawa

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